Vintage Wedding Dress Designs

Vintage Wedding Dress Designs

The best wedding dress designs will always be unique. A bride walking through the forest, barefoot, with her head spread with a crown of roses, must have just the right dress details. As the bohemian-chic and vintage bride becomes more popular, the styles expand. For the barefoot bride, for the lady in lavender, for the romantic in us all. The angel, we believe, is in the details.

Embroidery: An intricately embroidered wedding dress was ideal in the Victorian and Edwardian age. Wedding dress designs since have shied away from this antique design. We, however, have found it again. Vintage couture blended this lovely alternative amethyst with an iconic embroidery. Clean and high at the neck. Made with Victorian and Edwardian elements without the cumbersome corset. Look for seamless embroidery to get this look for yourself.

wedding dress designs


Layers: There’s nothing like grabbing a fistful of glorious skirts as you sweep the dancefloor of your own wedding. Without all the pomp and circumstance, however, we found a layered dress with unique wedding dress designs. While structured silk and heavy bustles are still popular, we like the layered look of this bohemian blend.

wedding dress designs


Detailed Overlay: The overlay is a style trick known all over the world. It creates delicious allure while taking something plain and making it splendid. Wedding dress designs that claim this look should have embroidered, detailed, studded, or pearlized overlay to keep the formality of the dress. Made with a soft sheath, this style elongates and freshens any bride’s theme.

wedding dress designs Detailed Overlay

Detailed Overlay

Sheer Sleeves: For the second wedding, for the off-the-path bride, there’s wedding dress designs with sheer sleeves. This added coverage is hard to find with the sleeveless and strapless styles popular in traditional weddings. The perfect lady of the forest or beach babe wedding gown, find the weightless coverage of a wedding dress such as this one.

 wedding dress designs - Sheer Sleeves

Sheer Sleeves

Intricate Lace: We. Love. Lace. Any time we can include a vintage version in wedding dress designs, we’ll do it. This Italian renaissance-inspired gown is just to die for. We love the detail of lace and embroidery at the waist and along the bodice and top skirt. Coupled with a traditional antique cream, the guests will be asking which Tuscan grandmother’s wardrobe you found it within.

wedding dress designs - Intricate Lace

Intricate Lace

A very favorite, vintage, is becoming the new vogue. While designers like Inga Nataya are creating nouveau styles that include looks of the past, wedding dress details are forming daily. Look for these styles in your wedding lookbooks and you may just realize how unique vintage truly is.

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