Bohemian Winter Fashion Ideas by Inga Nataya

Winter is here, just in time to induce a substantial desire to stock up on a whole new set of must-haves for your wardrobe. With the bold scent of hot chocolate in the air, you need the right outfit for those cozy nights of entertainment with warm beautiful friends, while discovering winter recipes and indulging in gastronomical adventures.

I have a ton of whimsical lightweight bohemian dresses in my closet. As elegantly dressy as they are during those sunny months (especially when paired with pretty pumps or sandals), they transform into “boho chic” in the winter when paired with heavy tights of unlikely and sometimes mismatched colors of emerald green, red, dark blue, or black. I am a big fan of boots that cover up my cozy hand knitted oversized wool socks, I wear them throughout all of winter. And as for knitted sweaters, I like to wear a fine skimpy cardigan, or a thick knitted sweater 2 sizes too large, to emphasize the delicate uneven hemlines of the tulle and chiffon dresses. As far as outwear goes, I always love to throw on a fancy dressy statement jacket over layers of wool, tulle and chiffon. To me winter is all about keeping warm and looking festive, so I always have an extra layer under my pretty chiffon dress, a nice turtleneck or a fine nylon camisole, and of course a nice colorful warm shawl.

Boho Style Weddings


Thanks to Boho Weddings Blog for featuring our collection, here is what they have to say about White Dahlia

“…Bridal Style: Inga Nataya Bridal Wear ‘White Dahlia’ Collection

This afternoon it’s all about Wedding dresses as I share with you a beautiful collection of Vintage inspired Boho dresses from Inga Nataya. These dresses are a beautiful collection of dreamy fabrics and soft lines, perfect for any bride looking for something  different for her wedding day”

Sultry Elizabeth Ivory

My closet is overloaded and I have nothing to wear

What this usually means is it’s time to organize it. There are a few ways to deal with this issue and I would love to share mine: For starters I like to take everything out of my closets and “shop” for a new season as if I was in a store. I try to be very disciplined and act as if were to “buy” only the things I would want to wear now. If I am in doubt and can’t get rid of something I believe is amazing, I remind myself when was the last time I wore it, and if it is not within the last 6 months, off the rack it goes. This exercise would usually leave me with only the pieces I know I will wear during the season.

Now that hard work is over and I can have some fun, and play with the pieces that are left as truly the remarkable selections. I try things on to make sure they still fit and look as good as I thought they might. And then I arrange the selections in my closets. Dresses are easy, so they could be hung in accordance with lifestyle: For example I spend a lot of time at my house, so I have a full rack of beautiful caftans with embroideries that I like to wear around the house. I also travel a lot, so I hang all the easy to travel dresses separately as well. My special occasion Nataya dresses, and cocktail dresses from the Age of Love collection go on another rack first sorted by length then by color.

The separates I like to play with to create outfits. I usually hang woven bottoms next to a few of the woven tops that they work with. I fold knits and stock them by color and sleeve length.  I own a lot of dress jackets and coats from my various Nataya collections, and those I hang in a separate closet also by color. When I am all dressed and have my shoes/boots on, I try on a few coats and see how they play out. In doing so, I like be creative and see how they look when I open them or drop them off my shoulders for the taking-it-off-wow-factor. Now I can shop guilt-free for new pieces, knowing that I have done all I could to rediscover a passion for the things I already own