Subject of Desire – The Venetian Gown Experience

There are not many truly amazing things one gets to do for the first time, and you only start to realize this after a certain age. I am now at that age. I cherish immensely every experience that moves me, and replay it in my mind until I know I am no longer able to evoke the brilliance of it and resurrect the intensity of feelings.

I recently wore the Venetian Gown of the White Dahlia collection to a Rett Syndrome charity event that was held at a masterpiece of neo-elegance called SLS hotel in Beverly Hills. My beautiful friend Linda Tailor (model and activist) wore another one of the pieces from the collection. I must admit, I felt as if I was infused with a shot of beauty and desirability. Supplementary I got to witness another woman’s luster, dressed and swelled by my take on antique modernity. I blissfully celebrated an experience of White Dahlia as a subject, which was amplified by me experiencing it as an observer for the first time.

Istanbul: Three day Honeymoon

I was always pleasantly comforted with European and Asian esthetics, but for the first time, I visited the place that for centuries has celebrated a gorgeous bridal ceremony that marries both.  As colorful as candy where the sky is just as diverse and objectively regal, was the demanding presence of the city. I took shots of blue and red mosaics, hidden corners embellished with eclectic ornaments and fancy enigmatic entrances. I  emerged from the colorful mess of the bazaar and smelled the most amazing saffron and coffee, looked at thousands of fascinating jewelry pieces and wished to buy them all! I listened to the guide explain how one place of prayer changed its religious inclination and then became a museum, all the while remaining surprisingly true to having been both. I walked into amazing modern spaces surrounded by sea water and sheltered by crystal reflections of light and ate the most pleasant grain, served with meat, the name of which I still don’t know, but the taste of which still occupy my taste buds. So I was thinking: what a perfect place for a honeymoon and just how much I would love to create a jewelry line!