Inga Nataya Bio

Inga Nataya was born and raised in Uzbekistan. From architecture to craftsmanship, it is a city where everything is a rare fusion of Western European, Russian, and Oriental influences. At an early age she showed broad artistic inclinations and began to explore a number of means of expression: performance, theater, voice, style, poetry and paint. She was particularly attracted to drawing fashion designs. At age 11 she was already making her first dresses from handy materials and accessories using her own designs.

After settling in California as a teenager and having pursued a number of art forms, Nataya finally returned to her strongest calling. Nowadays, her energy and passion are focused on merging fine art and women’s attire. Her goal is to fully unlock the glow of a woman in order to radiate inspiration to others.

Now working under her brand name ‘Nataya’ she has become an art fashion phenomenon. Whenever her marvelous creations, which are inspired by a blend elements from La Belle Epoch, Baroque, and from the Orient are on display, they command attention. A mist of wonder hangs in the air.

From actresses Ann Hathaway to Katie Holmes, some of the world’s most discerning women have shined in Nataya. Inga Nataya Dresses were published in today's most renown fashion publication, among which are Lucky, Glamour, Nylon, Apparel News, Harper and Queen, Flaunt and many others. Her dresses are on full display in a number of music videos and feature films.

Though most of her time is dedicated to fashion designing, Inga always finds time to paint. Her paintings are colorful and full of movement. The works celebrate femininity; the women depicted are beautiful, yet forceful, self-assured and independent. Her art reflects her character, her personal experiences, and gives free expression to her own sense of aesthetics.